Strategic Alliance Opportunities

We work with institutions and organizations to provide you with professional development opportunities.

Nothing says talent like well-educated employees who are engaged at work and have the knowledge and skills to make positive changes in their field. That’s why Northcentral University connects with organizations and institutions around the world whose employees, students, alumni and military personnel can benefit from NCU’s online higher education opportunities.

We offer a range of strategic alliance options, including professional development opportunities to support your faculty in expanding their credentials, and access to higher education at preferred rates for your students and alumni. Some of the benefits of forming a strategic alliance with NCU include:

  • Preferred Tuition Rates: Organizations and institutions that develop an alliance with Northcentral University may be able to secure preferred tuition rates for their employees, alumni or service members.
  • Professionally Relevant Programs: NCU’s business, education, psychology and marriage and family therapy programs are designed to enhance students’ abilities to solve problems, think critically and reflectively, conduct research, uphold the highest ethical and professional standards, and communicate effectively in today’s diverse global environment.
  • Flexibility of Online Learning: NCU’s online courses make it possible for students all over the world to pursue advanced education without having to step foot inside a physical classroom.
  • Courses Taught One-to-One by 100% Doctoral Faculty: In NCU’s one-to-one teaching model—one student paired with one expert faculty member in each course—faculty facilitate learning through inquiry-based interaction and personalized feedback that challenges students to continually reflect on their own learning and application
  • Alliance Customization: We are open to engaging in further conversations with you to assess your specific needs in order to customize any potential alliance opportunity.

For more information about the resources available to you, please call 855-637-1624 or email

Military Alliance

At NCU, we proudly support active duty military, veterans, reservists, guardsmen and benefit eligible family members by offering affordable, online degree programs and scholarship opportunities that can help them reach their academic goals. To help you understand the additional resources that may be available to you in forming a military alliance with NCU, contact a Military Outreach representative at or call 877-683-4776. You can also visit our Armed Forces page for more information.

Corporate Alliance

Our relationships with companies and organizations help us showcase our high-quality degree programs and commitment to leadership in online higher education. Equally important, our corporate affiliates, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, may provide you with scholarships and future job offers. If you work for one of our affiliates, you may receive preferred access and pricing to our online degree programs. To learn more about our corporate alliance opportunities contact our Strategic Partnership Team at 855-637-1624 or 

Academic Alliance

As a higher education institution, we know the value of having highly educated faculty, staff and alumni as part of our team. That’s why NCU builds alliances with community colleges, public and private colleges and university systems to establish Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral transfer pathways to provide accessible and quality education opportunities that can help students achieve higher education and training. Call 855-637-1624 or email for more information about forming an academic alliance with Northcentral University. 

Transfer Alliance

We want to make it possible for all students who are interested in our programs to achieve their academic goals, and our transfer affiliates are instrumental in making that happen. Students who do not yet meet NCU’s requirements for admission for their program of interest, can fulfill these requirements with one of our quality transfer affiliates, and then come back to us for preferred access and pricing to our online degree programs. Visit our Transfer Affiliates page for more information about the accredited colleges and universities we work with to support your education. 

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