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Finding a Business School That Fits

Northcentral’s School of Business and Technology Management offers programs that are designed to help you enhance your leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, analytic and communication skills, while developing specialized business knowledge in the area of your choice. In each course, you will be challenged in new ways as you work towards becoming an expert in your field with the ability to make ethical and professional contributions in management, leadership and service. For ACBSP Reporting visit our Assessment Page

Check out the SBTM Community Exchange to find resources to help you delve deeper into business issues so you can learn, innovate and grow.

In the PhD in Business Administration program, you will have the opportunity to focus on research-based leadership strategies to tackle some of the biggest challenges in our global economy. Ultimately, as a doctoral candidate you will be challenged to enhance your field with a dissertation on a subject unique to your experience and proven expertise.
NCU’s Doctor of Business Administration degree program offers high-level training for senior leadership positions, with an emphasis on the application of research as a means for solving organizational problems. The skills you learn will help you formulate a research dissertation that contributes scholarly solutions to business issues, problems and challenges within the global society.

Set yourself apart with an MBA in one of many specializations designed and instructed by doctors in your field of study. With weekly course starts and the ability to overlap courses, you can earn your MBA in as little as a year. Explore NCU's Master of Business Administration program now.

NCU’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program offers an exciting opportunity for you to acquire first-hand knowledge about the basic principles of business management and how they work together in the structure of running an organization.
This post-master’s certificate gives you the opportunity to take your business skills to the next level to either expand your current career or possibly focus your career in a new direction. Specializations include: Advanced Accounting, Criminal Justice, Financial Management, General Business, Health Care Administration, Homeland Security – Leadership & Policy, Management of Engineering and Technology, Project Management and Public Administration.
This post-baccalaureate certificate can help you advance your business acumen in a specific area, including: Financial Management, Project Management, General Business and Entrepreneurship.

Our Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) curriculum provides an intense examination of the current state of leadership within a given profession. Upon completion of the program, you will have gained the knowledge to evaluate your own leadership skills and the components of leadership that contribute to the health of an organization, as well as how to apply best leadership practices in an organization.

The PhD-OL program allows you to examine leadership in a multitude of dimensions. Upon completion of the program, you will have gained the knowledge to evaluate major theories and contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of organizational leadership.

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